Adaptive microlearning that drives frontline performance.

Axonify + UKG: learning in the flow of work

UKG clients can now provide their employees with easy access to Axonify's powerful microlearning capabilities via UKG Dimensions. No more pulling people off the floor for long, forgettable classroom sessions. Just 3-5 minutes of learning each shift that's accessed in a place they're used to going, in a way that sticks.

Axonify + UKG: learning in the flow of work

Power up your frontline

Frontline workers, who are often deskless, pose a training and development challenge for employers. Even today, retail workers, warehouse staff, truck drivers and others typically are not issued a laptop or corporate e-mail address. Some, such as home health care employees, may not report to a bricks-and-mortar facility. Frontline employees who work night shifts might have to miss a day's work or come in on their day off if an employer requires daytime training. Axonify's power is in its ability to finally allow Learning & Development professionals to meet the needs of the frontline worker - mobile, quick, impactful and woven into the workday.

Power up your frontline

Keep pace with modern business

Axonify is a tool that bridges the gap between learning teams and the business leaders they support. Learning leaders have often struggled to earn a seat at the table and to be seen as a valuable business partner - until now. With Axonify's noticeable impact on frontline performance, as well as the insights on knowledge, behavior and results it provides, Learning & Development's value to the business dramatically increases.

It impacts employee performance

  • Every business leader knows what they'd like their frontline to do consistently, day in and day out to move the needle in their area of the business.

It enables you to support agility

  • With traditional systems, keeping up with the pace of business has always been a struggle for learning teams. Now with Axonify, Learning & Development can push microlearning out in minutes, rather than days or even weeks ensuring the frontline is always prepared.

Reports valuable to the business

  • Test scores and completion metrics were never valuable to the business, but what about the ability to track knowledge growth, behaviors and business results like increasing sales and driving down safety incidents?

Make learning stick

The Axonify platform is built on the foundation of the latest in brain science, delivering learning designed for the way our brains actually work. The cognitive science principles used in Axonify work together to more firmly embed information into long-term memory, where it can be accessed and used on the job - whether the employee learned something a day ago or 6 months ago. Axonify uses progressive spacing, combined with repeated retrieval and confidence-based assessment to reinforce learning for long-term knowledge retention.

Scientific principle #1: spaced repetition

  • Also known as the spacing effect, research proves that information is better retained for the long term when it is presented repeatedly over time. Retention is improved even more when the time intervals between each repetition grow progressively longer, challenging the brain to remember. Axonify has optimized its algorithm to deliver learning at the right intervals to maximize retention.

Scientific principle #2: retrieval practice

  • Retrieval practice is characterized by learning a concept, being tested on recall, refreshing the knowledge, and again being tested on recall. Research has demonstrated that the act of retrieving information from memory - even as few as two times - actually produces a memory trace that is resistant to forgetting. Research has proven that repeated retrieval produces superior learning over any other type of learning - core to the Axonify platform.

Scientific principle #3: confidence-based assessment

  • Research has shown that it's the combination of knowledge plus confidence that leads to appropriate behavior and empowers people to act - critical in areas like decision-making skills, safe machine operation, and crisis intervention. People who are confidently correct take actions that are productive. But people who are confident about misinformation will take action with negative or even dangerous results, and people who have little confidence in their knowledge can be paralyzed at critical times.
Make learning stick

Make learning fun

No learning solution will be successful at changing behavior if employees don't like using it. We weave in user motivation tools that tap directly into the innate desire to self-challenge, meet goals and win. This hooks your employees to return to the platform again and again—and we have the numbers to prove it. Across our user base, employees use Axonify two-to-three times in a typical work week.

Game play

  • Game play is more than just for fun. It actually gets learners in a "state of flow" and better able to absorb their learning. Axonify has a variety of games to meet the needs of all learners - from arcade style to brain games. Games can be timed, or defined by the total number of questions: the session is meant to be short, engaging and fun. Learning content and questions pop up during the game and regardless of the game the user chooses, their prescribed learning is served up during the game.

Points & rewards

  • As individuals successfully complete training, they're awarded points, which they can bank, then use to buy or bid on specific incentives. Many companies offer incentives, such as gift cards, merchandise, or even days off. The Axonify platform has a built in rewards engine that manages the prize pool and auction.


  • Leaderboards inject an element of friendly competition into the learning environment, whether on a personal or team level. Individuals can track their own success, see how they stack up against their colleagues, and even see who the top performers are. And if they're part of a team learning initiative, they can see how well their team is doing.


  • Badges are another way to acknowledge employee success and foster the motivation that comes from recognition. They’re assigned each time an employee achieves specific milestones such as winning an auction, achieving a high score, answering a specific number of questions correctly, completing a specific number of training sessions, and more.


  • Learners have the opportunity to select a Coach who will guide the learner along in his/her journey towards mastery. They can choose a realistic looking coach or one a fun cartoon character. Either way, coaches are there to celebrate when learners do well, and off er guidance when they don’t.

Social elements

  • News Feed injects a social aspect to learning, allowing learners to view events of note such as when a team member graduates to a higher difficulty level in a question, or achieves a gold, silver or bronze ranking game score. Users can view the news feed for their entire team, or can view the news feed for their own signifi cant achievements. Suggest a Question allows users to contribute to the success of learning, by giving them a forum to submit ideas for questions they think would add value to your training program. The Tell-a-Friend feature turns learners into advocates, rewarding your employees for reaching out to their colleagues and encouraging them to participate right from within the system.
Make learning fun

Make learning personal (and adaptive)

Axonify adapts training in real-time for each individual employee through the industry's only proven, AI-based adaptive microlearning engine. The Axonify adaptive engine continuously learns what each employee knows or doesn't know, then delivers tailored, bite-sized content in short bursts (from 3-5 minutes), several times a week to fill in the gaps.

Make learning personal (and adaptive)

Make training measurable

Our built-in learning attribution engine—Axonify Impact™—harnesses the power of big data to show how the platform is driving the business metrics that are a priority for you and the people you answer to. Real-time insights for every program you run through Axonify let you identify gaps and growth opportunities, so you can manage risk and focus your efforts where they’ll make the greatest difference.

Get real-time insights on the business impact of training

  • Set individual, team or company level business targets, tag the training programs that correspond to them and Axonify Impact will tell you what’s working. Get detailed insight on how knowledge, participation and even demographic factors impact your business targets like sales, shrink, safety, customer satisfaction or virtually any KPI your business tracks and trains on with Axonify.

Make data-driven training decisions

  • With Impact, you’ll know exactly what training topics are translating into behaviors and performance. And when programs aren’t impacting results the way you thought they would, you can proactively respond by determining the root cause using data.

Capture on-the-job behaviors

  • Axonify Impact allows you to define on-the-job behaviors that correlate to business goals, then observe and track those behaviors in the platform. You can then fine-tune learning and identify coaching opportunities for managers based on what you’re observing.

Set smart alerts for frontline managers

  • Leaders can set business targets at a team, location or individual employee level. Then Axonify Impact provides frontline managers with a real-time view into whether their teams are on target. When a business target is at risk, frontline managers are alerted to what they need to do to get things back on track.

Automatically self-heal training gaps

  • Axonify Impact closes the loop on learning by feeding gaps (both behavioral and business) back into our powerful adaptive algorithm to push out refresher training to get things back on track. Axonify takes care of the heavy lifting so that frontline managers can focus on coaching and solving day-to-day operational challenges.
Make training measurable

Access knowledge in 2 clicks, 10 seconds

Axonify Discover™ enables you to crowd-source critical resources and job aids from your company’s subject matter experts—then gives your employees an intelligent way to search it, so they can find what they need in 2 clicks and 10 seconds.

Powerful analytics

  • Analytics provide insight into popular searches for content, including the keywords employees have entered to find things, as well as keywords that didn’t return an asset—so you can build what’s needed. You’ll also get visibility into other usage metrics by department—down to the individual level.

Intelligent Search

  • Axonify Discover™ is powered by an intelligent search that scans every resource (even video) to serve up the right information, the first time, in a matter of seconds. It’s even powerful enough to integrate with your existing intranets and content management systems, revitalizing forgotten information and connecting it to your people through a modern search experience.

Make content social & collaborative

  • The reality is that 80% of knowledge sits tucked away in your employee’s heads. So Axonify Discover gives you the tools to get what’s in people’s heads shared across your entire organization. People can ask and answer questions, post helpful articles and rate content. And don’t worry, built-in approvals allow experts to screen content before it becomes available.

Get critical resources noticed

  • Your workforce gets notified when important resources are added or changed, so they’re always in the know. A helpful newsfeed ensures that employees can easily catch-up on important updates and assets they might have missed.

Manage resources with ease

  • Adding or managing new resources or job aids is easy with our built-in editor, approval workflows and versioning capabilities. And the ability to create communities that reflect the unique resource needs of different teams or departments make end-to-end administration a breeze.
Access knowledge in 2 clicks, 10 seconds

Keep content fresh

The Axonify Exchange™ is a powerful library of video-based microlearning topics built to engage your workforce and drive results. Our library offers 7,000+ topics that address today’s top business challenges, like compliance, cybersecurity, workplace safety, sales and more across a variety of industries. And every topic comes loaded with the right mix of video, reinforcement questions, behavior observation templates and even performance support resources.

Deliver pre-existing content in almost any format.

  • Reusing your tried-and-true content in the Axonify Microlearning Platform™ is easy and painless. Axonify supports a variety of media including video uploads, YouTube, Vimeo, xAPI, SCORM, third-party hyperlinks, images and text, allowing you to add or adapt your content in the platform with ease.

Create content yourself, or recruit our team.

  • Want to do it yourself? We’ll teach you the ins-and-outs of building results-focused microlearning content, help you determine prioritized business goals and how to use our built-in tools. Want our help? We can do that too, and work with you along the way. Axonify’s approach to content is flexible and allows you to combine options to fit what’s best for your organization.

Use the right tools to craft results-focused content

  • The Axonify platform comes with built-in tools that guide you through our proven “results-first” approach to developing content that impacts business. Creating content in Axonify is easy with streamlined workflows and powerful search, editing and publishing tools that will help you work smarter—and do more with fewer clicks. Managing content creation is simplified even further with built-in stakeholder reviews and content-change history to help you stay on top of things.
Keep content fresh

Similar Apps is a workforce analytics company that enables employers to make mission-critical decisions faster to drive productivity and improve employees’ work experience. Act faster on combined labor, operations, human resources and finance data, and access timely insights organization-wide powered by the data platform.

Make mission-critical decisions with workforce analytics


The Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) is offered to employers who hire statistically disadvantaged applicants. While the intent of the credit is to support people getting back into the workforce, its success is made difficult due to the number of steps, forms, requests for supporting documentation, data exchanges, and groups involved.


Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) processor

TestAssure is a comprehensive automated testing platform that helps UKG customers test quickly and extensively, go-live sooner, and manage ongoing software releases and updates with confidence.


Automated Testing Platform for UKG Dimensions

MM Hayes - Quickcharge

Quickcharge is an innovative, cashless payment solution developed for use with UKG solutions. It allows employees to use their ID badges to make cash-free purchases at on-site locations via payroll deduction, prepaid declining balance, or many other account types.

MM Hayes - Quickcharge

Enterprise cashless payment solutions


We can help your business transform. Our multi-disciplinary teams combine business expertise with design thinking, world-class engineering, modern operations practices and knowledge of leading tools and frameworks to optimize performance.


EPAM is a UKG Dimensions partner providing product extensions integrated with disparate platforms to accelerate results


Nagarro has a 16-year track record of successfully partnering with ISVs and corporations to deliver complex, custom software solutions. We offer our partners the ability to quickly build teams with high-quality people, a strong track record of reliable delivery, and deep software experience


In over 26 countries with 10,000+ team members, Nagarro teams help you accomplish your integration goals with UKG.


With more than 20 years of experience in digital software consulting and development, SoftServe builds seamless, end-to-end digital solutions for some of the world’s largest organizations.


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Vocantas Communicate™

Vocantas Communicate™ offers hosted- and premise-based multimodal communication solutions within UKG Dimensions™. Three modules in Communicate include Automated Staff Alert, WF Self-Serve, and Emergency Notification.

Vocantas Communicate™

Automated communications to Staff and Clients

Passport – Planning and Scheduling

Through an interface and rules engine that provides visibility into each employee’s UKG information, Passport schedules the right person to a task.

Passport – Planning and Scheduling

Interactive Task & Crew Assignment

Passport – Crew Mobile Data Collection

With Passport Crew Mobile Data Collection, you’ll gain visibility into your frontline operations that will give you more control and allow you to focus on improving performance. The application is highly scalable and supports custom forms to fit your workflow.

Passport – Crew Mobile Data Collection

Passport’s mobile app allows you to easily keep track of all your employees’ activities, equipment, and materials data